As summer draws to an end, it doesn’t always have to be doom and gloom for the colder months. We can learn to see the beauty in autumn and winter, especially if you know how to keep your garden looking amazing. There are various ways to add winter crop to your small mostly pot based gardening. You can maintain healthy eating and blooms through out. Here’s some suggestions.


Some of the easy to grow autumn/ winter crops are Garlic, Spring onion/Onions, Broad Beans, Spinach and Lamb lettuce. You can sustain your salad bowl through out the year. Window sill herbs grow through out the year, so keep your rocket, basil, mint and sage going.

Winter Flowers

We can also keep the colour in our garden with these beautiful winter blooms, Pansy and Marigold. Pansy’s are edible flowers, so you can add them to your salads or garnish your plates. Marigold have medicinal properties for the skin, add them to your bath water for a winter pamper hydrating soak.


Some of us don’t feel like venturing out into the garden in winter, so you can skip the planting, and just prepare your soil for the coming spring sowing season. Autumn/winter is also the perfect time to fertilize and turn your soil.


Almost every vegetable can grow in a pot. Don’t be discouraged if you have a small balcony or garden, “pot food growing” is the way to go. Here are some pictures to give an idea on how to get started on your small garden.





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