Fragrances are an extension of our wardrobe, as much as you wear your clothes in a particular way, wearing the right fragrance is just as important. Perfume fans around the globe have put pressure on the industry to create unique scents, for different people. We are moving away from perfume smells that are collective based and changing to individual scents. A fragrance that smells amazing on someone else, might not work for the next person because of their unique natural body chemistry, so the fragrance you choose needs to be in tune with natural smells. This task could be overwhelming, here are some pointers;


We are seeing a lot of gender neutral fragrances on the market, not from the usual idustry players, but from artisan scent makers. We want to have an individual scents, that contain pure, unrefined and sometimes rare ingredients. The big perfume companies have caught on to this trend and have started producing unique fragrances with an exotic play on blends and notes.


Fragrances are categorized by notes; Try matching your choice of scent to your personality and lifestyle.

  • Fresh – green grass / light citruses / a smell of spring ( daytime everyday )
  • Floral – Blooms / bouquets of flowers / roses (day time weekend)
  • Oriental – Spicy / bold / vanilla / overall exotic /complex / sexy (Night time special occasions)
  • Woody – sandalwood / cedar wood / oaks (Masculine simple any day)



Trying out fragrances is very important, you need to take your time with this process. If sprayed on the skin, a fragrance  has to go through stages before it settles into its lasting aroma, this is also affected by your body chemistry. Limit your fragrance trial to 2 scents at a time. Spray an area that does not produce a lot of sweat and stay with the scent for the rest of the day. Asked your family and friends what they think of the sampled smells. Go back as many times as you like. It took me 3 months of sampling scents to find something I really liked. Remember that weather also plays a role in how the scent settles, so try it in different weather conditions.


Try opt for Eau de Toilet, Eau de Cologne and Eau de Perfume. These concentrates are diluted compared to original perfume. They are light and the beauty with these formulas is that they bloom with time during the course of the day. The price point is also affordable.


Our noses usually acquires a familiarity of the scents once we’ve been using it for a while, which can leads us to over spraying the fragrance. It might smell normal to us, but pungent to the next person. Scents can invade other people personal spaces, which is very unpleasant. Apply a few drops at the bottom of your throat and behind your ears and you are good to go.

Happy smells!








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