Our closets need to be detoxed at the least once a year. What better time to do it at the beginning of the year, where our head space is that of new beginnings and clean slates.  I can guarantee that we have stuff in our wardrobe that we have forgotten about and haven’t worn in years. Why should these items still take up space in your closet? Detox, and liberate yourself from the clutches of old jackets you have grown out of, or shoes that have worn to death but still fill up a space in your wardrobe. With the current trend of minimalistic living, you’ll find that you only need high quality items and a few of those toxic fashion commitments. Detoxing our wardrobe is something we all know we need to do, but keep putting it off. Here are some guidelines to get started and to help you reassess that closet.


This is the first and hardest step. Put everything out where you can see it. This allows you to see the entire pile for what it is. Create 3 piles, KEEP, ALTERATION, GIVE AWAY. This is very time consuming, so make sure you have set aside enough time (maybe day) to get through everything.


Using the process of illumination, sort the items of clothing in their respective piles. Beware of excuses! This process is better done with one or two people that know you very well and can call you out, if they feel you are coming up with excuses to keep something that should be chucked out. The 3 top excuses are ‘I think I might wear this again soon’, ‘this skirt reminds me of an important time in my life’, ‘I paid a lot of money for these pants’. Truth is, if you haven’t worn that item in 6 months, chances are you will never wear it again.


Hang the ‘KEEP’ pile back up and tackle the alterations. Sometimes we don’t wear some items because there’s a button missing, or the hem needs to be raised slightly, some just need professional cleaning. Take care of all the alteration that are necessary and add the now wearable items back into your wardrobe.


This is when you feel the fruits of your labour. There are different ways of getting rid of all the extra stuff you don’t need anymore. I like incorporating all three of this;

  • Give items that are in good condition to charity.
  • Sell items that you think you can make some money on.
  • Attend clothing swapping parties. These are a lot of fun and you can pick up some awesome stuff from others people wardrobe.


DIARO – FROCK EXCHANGE coming up 2nd of April 2017

If you would like to be part of this wonderful clothing swapping party, please email me on hello@matselamoshokoa.com – 011 023 5231 for more information. Limited seats available.




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