As the holidays are loading, most of us look forward to DIY projects around the house. There is one key ingredient to sprucing up your space, paint. Paint is thee most inexpensive way to transform a room, or a piece of furniture, all you need is elbow grease and some creativity. If you working towards making your home ready for the summer holidays, here are a few creative ideas to achieve a new space, without breaking the bank.


Don’t be afraid of colour!! colour adds character and charm to any interior space. Try out something bold in jewel hues if you have a spacious room. If space is an issue, choose a bold colour for a focal wall and then a neutral tone ( greys / taupes etc) on the rest of the walls in the same room.


Create beautiful wall effects with paint. You can create contemporary paint effects or techniques using stenciling, abstract shapes and wallpaper patterns. I love painting stripes in children rooms, or making a bold statement in a guest loo.  This requires a lot of patience and one needs to be super neat, to get the best results. Sponging effects gives a rustic finish and texture to walls. Use these paint techniques on a focal wall in a room to make them pop.


Give your old furniture pieces a new lease on life with a lick of paint. Troll second hand stores for bargain furniture to customize and revive the pieces with paint. Make sure to prepare the furniture surface appropriately before applying paint, to make sure you achieve the best results. Play around with colors, get new hardware making an old piece look new again.


Create stunning abstract wall art for your space. You don’t have to be an artist to mix a few colours, paint on canvas, framed it beautifully and you have something personal and inexpensive to hang on your walls.  Get the kids involved, let them create something for their bedroom walls. Who know’s you might awaken a hidden talent the same time. Yoou can also revive your home accessories such as pot plants, wooden chairs with artistic finishes.

Happy DIY this summer break!

Matsela Moshokoa

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