It’s almost beach season, as we fast track to the holidays. Whether you will be going to an exotic beach destinations or lounging around at the pool, before you go shopping for the perfect bathing suit, take a look at the trends and hit the shops with a plan. Shop for the perfect fit that flatters your body and one that is on trend.


Island Florals

Think big bold palm trees, tropical flowers and birds. The bigger the print the better.


Take a dive into the water with denim suites. Denim has seen a huge comeback in recent years, now we can even swim in it.


Crochet swimsuits are art and crafts fun, they are great for those ornamental swimsuit wearers who wont necessarily be jumping in the water. If you are looking for texture with a little bit of 70s nostalgia, crochet is the way to go.


Cold Shoulder

We love off the shoulder trend dominating the season, we can also take this look to the pool or beach.


High leg one pieces as in “Baywatch” are trending. I particularly love this because of how it actually elongates ones legs and that high arch is just so sexy.

Cut outs

Cut-outs are still on trend. These give you the opportunity to expose the parts of your body you are most proud of and allows you to cover up the ones you don’t particularly like.


Finally the industry has started to cater for minimalistic individuals who don’t like the over the top feminine prints and styling. This look comes in neutral colors, simple style lines and costs a lot let less than the frills. This is also my personal favorites.

Plus Size

Choose any style that is trending, and make it work for you. High waisted are always a winner if you are not shying away from 2 pieces. Cut-outs can flatter the best parts of you body. I believe every woman has beautiful shoulders so the off the should look can really be flattering.


My favorite swimwear accessory this season is the head-wrap. Tie big or small and dramatic earnings and you will be trending on the beach.



Means board shorts have become shorter, thank goodness. Now we can enjoy the seeing mens beach legs on display…and if you are men enough to go even smaller! striped speedo’s are trending.





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