We are in the midst of event season, weddings, baby showers, house warming, dinner parties etc. As much as we expect the hosts to treat us to a great time, we need to also play our part in being the perfect guest. I find that invitees are still blind sided by invitations and the preparations leading up to the event. Remember a party is nothing without the guests, so lets assist in making any event a great success by following these simple rules.


Unless the invite says, ‘attend with a plus one’, please don’t assume that you can bring a date. If the host had the budget for additional people, the invite will make that clear. Try not to call the bride/groom, host to ask if you can bring someone, because events cost money and usually the hosts are working with what they can afford.


Be mindful of the deadline to RSVP and make sure you respond on time. If you are sure of your position as you receive the invite, respond immediately, otherwise set a reminder to do it at a later stage. RSVP’s are very important to the host, this helps with the head count and how many guests to cater for. Event catering is charged per head so it helps to know if you will not be attending, so that the host can save on their spend, or maybe allocate it to someone else, or extra flowers.


A gift is always welcomed, especially at the wedding. If the bride/groom have a registry kindly buy from their gift list, these are things they really need. If you know the couple really well, you might know of other important needs and you can work around that. For smaller intimate parties, bring a bottle of wine, a beautiful bunch of flowers, or a small something for the host. Basically don’t show up empty handed.


Themes are a very big part of an event, as the guest you help in making the event look amazing. Themes really complete the look of an event, so please play along. I found people sometimes find it hard to interpret certain themes, don’t be afraid to google or ask a friend what might be expected. Event pictures look amazing when everyone follows the set theme and this makes for awesome visual memories…and unless stated, don’t wear white to a wedding!!


Can we please live in the moment!! I have noticed an annoyingly huge number of telephone and tablets being whippet out at any given moment of the festivities. There’s nothing wrong with taking a few snapshots on your phone, but it becomes a problem when you start standing in the way of the hired photographers, or when you post intimate moments of a wedding on social media before the bride/groom or host has done so themselves. Lets exercise restraint, live in the moment and be present.


Lastly make sure you participate in all the activities made available for the guests. Hosts almost, always have an irrational fear of their guests having a good time at their event. So participate, sign the guest book, get on the dance floor, mingle with people etc. Have blast and make memories.

Here’s to the perfect guest. Enjoy the festivities.


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