We might never escape the downsizing trend, urbanization has forced us to live in smaller spaces as we strive to establish our homes in bigger cities. Having a small space does not mean you cannot make it look its best. There are clever ways of enjoying your modest dwelling, without compromising on aesthetics and your quality of life. Make sure you maximize your space with these helpful ideas.


Colour use is a very important element in making your space aesthetically pleasing and relevant. Choosing the right hues can help add interest and character to your interior. Choose the lighter shades of the colour wheel. Lighter colours make the space seem larger and airy, where as darker tones contract the space. Incorporate darker colours as accents in your accessories rather than on bigger elements such as the paint on the wall or on key furniture pieces.


Small spaces require good planning when it comes furniture, especially if you are spending a pretty penny on it. First you need to understand the space you have, make sure you know the actual dimensions of the rooms you are working with, and then only can you go shopping for the relevant pieces. I always take my measuring tape along on my shopping missions, to make sure that I get the perfect fit when it comes to furniture. Stay away from big bulky furniture, it makes the make look cluttered. Never block windows or entrances, this only adds to clutter. Mid-century furniture is very forgiving on space, and its extremely stylish.


Storage it key, you have to be clever with how you store your everyday stuff, but making sure they are easily accessible. Try and create storage in the every day furniture pieces, use your walls and make sure you have just enough belongings and when you get something new, you get rid of something old. Storage ottomans can double as seating in your living room. Put up a floating shelve system that can take your book, picture frames and decorative accessories.


Mirrors work wonders in small spaces, they create an illusion of grand living. Strategically placed can make a space look bigger that it seems. The bigger the better. Try different shapes, use the them to reflect focal points of a room. I love using mirrors as interesting elements that can create much needed drama in a small interior space.


We often forget about our walls in small spaces. Remember that you can gain a few square meters if you utilize the space on the walls. Example if you would don’t have an outdoor space for plants, you can put up a vertical garden to add much needed foliage in your home. There are amazing hanging pots available that help you achieve beautiful flower walls. Use the wall above the WC/Toilet for storing all your bathroom essentials such as toilet paper, tooth brushes etc. without loosing any surface areas. See more pictures below.


If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, but size is still an issue, you can still turn this into an outdoor sanctuary.  It does not have to be ample for you to have a beautiful outdoor pause area. Extend the vertical garden outside, get a small bistro table and chair set, for those morning cups of coffee outside and decorate the walls with outdoor friendly sculptures and wall hangings. Small things like scatter cushions add great colour, and you can store them away in a storage bench away from the elements when they are not in use.

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