Known as ‘Kitchen Tea’ here in South Africa, an important activity that forms part of honoring a bride-to-be on her last days of being single. Hen parties can vary from simple to elaborate and extravagant, this all depends on the circle of friends and what they’d like to put together for their bride…and BUDGET of course. Usually organized by the brides closest friends, some of which form part of the bridal party. It is almost always a surprise for the bride. Planning a bridal shower can be daunting, I hope the pointers below will help you organize it with ease, and make it a memorable get together.


Working around a theme makes everything fall into place easily. Choose a theme that is an extension of the brides personality, something she will absolutely love. Factors to considered are, what time of year it is? what is the allocated budget etc. Here are simple themes to get you started;

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Mad Hatters High Tea
  • Monochrome
  • Glamorous Gold


Find the perfect location to host the party, It doesn’t have to be very expensive. Think of a restaurant that has a private dining room, or a friends backyard that can accommodate the number of people invited. If budget allows, you can book a venue that fits and compliments your theme. Keep it small and intimate.


Choose your theme’s decor for the gathering. Adorn the tables and the room with all the decorations you can find, the cheesier the better. This is an opportunity to really go to town with over the top decor. Balloons, streamers, feathers you name it…


The bride has to stand out, so dress her in pretty accessories that highlights her as the lady of the moment. I love flower crowns, with a light veil. Convince her to wear white on the day and everyone else in their theme colours. Decorate her chair with streamers and feathers.


  • Toilet Paper Couture

Probably one of the most well-known games for a hens night, this game involves many rolls of toilet paper and everyone breaking into small teams. The aim is to create a dream wedding dress on one of your team members. The catch? You only get 5 minutes. At the end each ‘model’ should strut her stuff on the imaginary catwalk while another team member explains the inspiration (have fun coming up with a designer name and really ‘selling’ the great craftsmanship and detailing on your dress). The bride gets to choose the winning team.
Read more at http://www.weddingclub.com.au/inspiration/reception-ceremony/registry/10-hens-party-game-ideas#yQKxK6aeATsR3mVi.99

  • The Newly Wed Game

Have you seen that 80’s game show The Newlyweds? This game is just like it. Before the party, the organizers interview the groom and ask him a number of questions about the bride and their relationship. On the night the bride has to answer the same questions and see if she can come up with the same answer. For every questions wrong, she must take a shot. We love the idea of video-taping the groom and playing it back for the bride as proof! Some questions to ask: How did they meet? Which sports team does the groom barrack for? How does he take his coffee? What is his job title? If he could change one thing about the bride, what would it be? What is his favourite thing about the bride?

What you’ll need: a list of questions which the groom has already answered, a video player and TV if the groom was taped, and alcohol for any wrong answers.
Read more at http://www.weddingclub.com.au/inspiration/reception-ceremony/registry/10-hens-party-game-ideas#yQKxK6aeATsR3mVi.99

  • POST IT Notes

We love this game as it’s a great way to give the bride a sweet memento of the night. Give everyone a post-it note and pen. Each hen writes a short sentence of a memory they have of the bride. When everyone is done, place all the post-it notes on a hard surface for the bride to read one by one. As she reads them out she has to guess who wrote it and explain the story out loud. Tales of childhood, old boyfriends and drunken nights welcome. The bride can then add these into a nice hens night keepsake.

What you’ll need: post-it notes, pens.
Read more at http://www.weddingclub.com.au/inspiration/reception-ceremony/registry/10-hens-party-game-ideas#yQKxK6aeATsR3mVi.99

Happy planning!



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