WEDDINGS 2016/2017

Wedding season is upon us, as the weather warms up, we look forward to attending or being part of beautiful celebrations. If your wedding planning is under way, here are few trends that you might want to consider, to style up your wedding and make sure you create a spectacle worth talking about for years to come. This is also the time you get to spend unjustifiable amounts of money, so make it worth your while.


  1. Metallics are in! The shine is on and here to stay, we saw gold making it to table cloths, now we have the metallic colours for different taste, silver, copper, bronze etc are adding much needed sparkle to our wedding decor this season. The less is more analogy does really apply here, the shinier the better.
  2. Gold Cutlery is also the big craze, still pretty hard to find in SA but a select few suppliers do have. It’s stately and the epitome of sophistication


  1. Going back to basics, serve your guests in enamel crockery, its fun and I love that there is no risk of broken plates. It’s also a cheap and fun way to add character to your table.
  2. Use  our local fynbos flowers, our majestic king protea and pincushions add lovely colour and an authentic African style.



  1. Tone on tone flower arrangements, keeping them simple and in one colour, make use of flowers that are in season, to get them at the best possible price.
  2. Flourists are adding natural scents to centerpieces. Adding mint, basil, or coffee beans to an arrangement is great smelling trend that satisfies the senses.
  3. Mismatched centerpieces – Have different centerpieces, but using the same colour flowers.


  1. The typical buffet style is out of fashion and the pre-plated  meals can be too expensive. Family-Style serving is a great alternative. This food served in bowls on each table, and people pass them around ‘family-style’


  1. His and hers cocktails are great hit this wedding season. Bride and groom each choose their favourite cocktail, give a cool name and serve to your guests at cocktail hour.
  2. Craft beer on tap, invote a local micro brewery to serve your guests craft beer on tap at your cocktail hour.


  1. Whats a wedding without the 2nd main event after the couple. Cakes have come a long way, and I’m loving some of these seasons trends. My favourite being the naked cake, this cake a little or no frosting. I love this because I always skip the frosting every time I eat a heavily frosted pastry. Just flavoured sponge with the icing between the layers. Accessories the cake with fresh flowers and you’ll be styling it differently on your big day


  1. Weddings coverage is no longer just on the big day. Photographers and video-graphers are now covering the built up to the big day, some might be the day before the wedding  or a week before the wedding depending on your budget of course. Make sure to capture every single moment, and have another opportunity to dress up. I had a pre-wedding shoot and it was an awesome fun time with the wedding party before the actual wedding.





3 thoughts on “WEDDINGS 2016/2017

  1. Wow Matshela I really like the way you explain the changes that have taken place especially this blog of weddings I enjoyed it. Am saddened by the fact that I could not listen to you on Power Radio narrating about it. Keep up the good work. Please next time focus on the following topics:
    how one can dress for weddings as a guest.
    Elements of a traditional wedding.
    How to host a house warming
    How to host an engagement party
    How to host a conference like a church conference


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