A marriage proposal will hopefully happen once in your life, so its really worth a great effort, once you have worked up the courage to take the big leap. What makes a proposal perfect? Its not about breaking the bank, or overthinking it, it should be something creative, simple and meaningful. 200 dozen roses will eventually die, and where will you keep them exactly & cleaning up after that? I cannot deal!!…Here are a few creative ideas to help you ask your partner for their hand in marriage, and an awesome way to set the tone for the rest of your lives together. Try to link the proposal with something familiar that will evoke a memory which you shared together in the past.


This is was how my husband proposed to me, which I found absolutely amazing! He took me back to the place we first met, which was a restaurant that had a live band, and he interrupted the performance to express how he felt about me and how honored he will be if we would spend the rest of our days together. Going back to where it all started was the kicker. Whether its an activity you took part in together, your first holiday as a couple. Touching on that nostalgia makes for a beautiful memory and an awesome story to tell.


Set up a trivia game, and when its your turn to as the question, ask “will you marry me?” instead of the question on the card. This type of game playing can be applied to board-games, scavenger hunts at Easter or virtual computer games. Customize your own jigsaw puzzle with a message on it and let your partner solve it, or you guys can work on it every evening until it makes sense.


If you and your partner regularly write notes to each other, whether its reminders, or date night suggestions etc, you could use this to you advantage. Start building up to the big question by leaving notes that have a certain theme, run with these notes for a few days leading up the big questions.


Buy a billboard space, or an advertisement slot at a movie house. Record a message either by you or get a graphic designer friend to put together something that looks generic at first and then leads up to the big questions.

If real estates is a little too pricey for you, invite friends over for a game, or a movie night at your place, and do the same thing just at a budget and in the comfort of your own home.


Ask a street busker/musician to sing ‘will you marry me’ as you walk by, then drop down to one knee and pull out the ring, then let him serenade you with your favorite love song while the crowed gathers to witness this moment.


Don’t forget to involve a team to help execute your plans. You need a camera man to record the moment and a few friends to to witness and cheer you on. Tell family and friends in advance so that they can help in sharing, and being part of this memory.

Good luck with your happily ever after…


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