Father’s Day is 2 days away, have you thought of a gift for dear old dad? If you haven’t and can’t think of anything to get your dad, your husband, baby-daddy or grandfather, here are some ideas to celebrate the men in our lives. Unlike Mother’s Day, Fathers Day gets less mileage and sometimes can go without being noticed. Coming from a society that has a lot of absent fathers, it’s great to celebrate those that are present, and who contribute a lot to our live. “A dad is his sons first hero, and his daughters 1st love”

My gift ideas are for different kinds of dads. I trust that you will have a better indication on what to get him. I love mixing tangible gifts with experiences, this also accommodate for different budgets.


This is for the father that love the finer things in life, this dad loves telling stories of all the experiences he’s had. He’s a teacher at heart and seeks knowledge everywhere he goes. Get this dad a wine tasting voucher, or a food and wine pairing evening. There will be a great balance of good food and the teaching of wine. You can apply the same idea to whiskey and brandy tasting and tours. Van Ryn’s Brandy has tours of their distilleries in the Western Cape. make it full experience. If your are on a tight budget, you can get a good bottle of whiskey, brandy or wine that they have never had before, you will still be giving them a taste experience.



This dad loves looking his best, he’s that guy that makes sure he is kitted out from head to toe with only the best fashion he can get his hands on. He enjoys his visits to the Barbour and is man enough to dabble in a bit of male grooming, manicures, pedicures and facials. He probably has a beard that needs taking care of.

There are amazing male grooming products available, we know beards have been the new black, so get dad a beard grooming kit, with beard balms, lube and a beard comb. Dapper Dad will also appreciate a male grooming voucher from a spa, so he can be treated to a facial and all that comes with it.

Well made custom leather goods would be great for Dapper Dad. A weekender bag, or card holder made from leather would also make for a great gift so you can kit your dad out with some hide love.




This dad likes to get his hands dirty, his hands on and is able to make something out of nothing. Handy dads would ideally love a power tool, or even a new lawnmower. I’m suggesting something different, get dad a cooking class voucher, let him experience using his for something that has otherwise been moms domain. He will enjoy the challenge and learn a new skill. If cooking classes are not for your dad, try getting him a Cobb Grill one of South Africa’s underrated products, the Cobb grill can turn anyone into a great grill master. It is portable and can be taken anywhere, and only uses 8 bricks of charcoal. This great South African invention will make any dad who wants to hold his own on the cooking front, the best he can be…Or simply get dad a cookbook that makes cooking fun and easy for men.




If your husband, boyfriend, brother or friend is going to be a dad for the first time or he’s brand new to the experience of being a father, the perfect gift would be giving him bragging rights. Get them a T-shirt that has a funny or cute message on it. A message that celebrates the new milestone and him entering into one of the biggest role he’ll ever play. Dads also need to be commended and congratulated for having contributed to bringing a new life into the world, and their commitment to actively being involved in raising their children.


I hope these ideas help in making your Fathers day special. Happy Daddy’s Day to all the awesome fathers out there. We love and appreciate you.





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