In recent years we have seen the black hair care phenomenon grow from strength to strength. We need to first understand the mannerisms of black hair and how it grows, in order to take best care of it. Black hair grows curly, this means moisture takes longer to move down the hair shaft to the tip. Our hair needs a lot more moisture than straighter hair, yes ladies our hair loves water. Black hair is also the most fragile compared to other ethnic groups, and should be handled with utmost care. Because of how delicate our hair is, stress treatments such as harsh chemicals, depriving our manes of water and makes it weak, and pulling can seriously damage ones hair and stump its true potential. If you would like beautiful locks, whether you are fully natural or have chemically straightened your hair, here’s what to do;


Use Sulfate free shampoo, sulfate is the chemical that strips the natural oils of the hair, to remove what we call grime, which dries out the hair and leads to breakage. Our hair thrives in moisture, try washing your hair as regularly as 2 to 3 times a week. Have you notices how considerably happy black hair from tropical climates is? It is usually rich and grows long, because of the humidity.


Regular treatment is very important, this is when you replenish moisture and nourish your follicles. Use products that do not have mineral oils and petroleum, these dry out the hair. Mineral oils seal the hair shaft and moisture cannot be absorbed. Always opt for water based products, and organic oils such as coconut, jojoba and olive. If your hair is in braids spray your hair regularly with a water-based spray, fortify it with any organic oil, to retain the moisture while your hair is braided.


Take time to get into a hair care regime and choose your products carefully. Its important to be consistent and commit to a routine, of washing, treating and sealing your hair every 3-4 days and no less than twice a week. Take care of the tip/ends of our hair, that’s the older hair and need extra care to prevent breakage.



Protective hair-styles are great when you taking a break from a hairstyle that might have been stressful on your locks. The advantage of these hair-do’s, is that they protect your hair from the elements (especially in the winter), maintenance of moisture, retain hair length and they obviously look gorgeous. Give your hair a break ever so often.


Supplementing key vitamins can also assist in nourishing the hair and promote healthy hair growth. Make sure they contain Biotin, Vitamin A & E. These supplement are great for you nails too.


Make sure that you use the right combing equipment of your hair. Wide toothed combs are best, small bristle brushes and combs snap the hair off. You also do not have to comb your hair everyday, just de-tangle with your fingers, and make sure your hair is lightly damp when before tangling. So make use of the good old ‘afro-comb’.

There are number of hair blogs and YouTube tutorial on how to get your right. Here are my favorite;






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