I’m not a fan of the conventional gym, I find the environment uninspiring, I prefer the great outdoors and having a dynamic workout plan. I also find strength and motivation in group fitness. It’s always great to work out in numbers, so best thing that’s ever happened to me is the pop-up fitness trend, keeping fit has never been so much fun. It’s almost always free, it’s outside and it’s community based. There are tons of veriaties and you can accomplish your fitness goals and have a blast while you at it. Sign up a friend or two and challenge each other and stay motivated.



Most running clubs are free, and have amazing trainers and support. There is most likely a running club in your neighborhood. Most take place afterword and weekend mornings. It’s a great place to start if you would like to train for a marathon. I do the NRC (Nike Running Club) and the Trail Running http://www.trailrunning.co.za

These two clubs are light and accommodate all fitness levels, so you can literally start at the bottom and work your way up to any level you choose to.




I absolutely love pop gyms, imagine working out with the sound birds chirping in the background. Yoga in the park, or Tai Chi on top of a hill or mountain. Look out for winter pop-up gyms, I’m sure they are catering for the cooler weather, so that keeping fit doesn’t stop.




City rides are a great way to keep fit too. There are numerous rides that one can join. If you have been thinking of investing in a velo then join a cycling club and experience the city and its neighbourhoods  on your 2 wheels while getting a full body workout.

lebo@bluebrain.co.za (@instabikerides)


So no excuses let’s all get fit while having fun.





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