glamping 4

Glamping is camping in a glamorous fashion. For of us that think camping is a little hardcore, the solution for something in the middle would be glamping. This way you don’t sacrifice an ounce of comfort but you still enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, the soothing flames of a campfire and the sense of adventure that comes with venturing out into the wilderness.

glamping 3

There are few ways to get your glamping on. You can find companies that arranging a full on glamping experience, from accommodation, meals and activities where you don’t have to lift a finger. You can stay in a choice of luxury tents, tree-houses, igloos, huts, tepees etc with services and amenities you don’t find in traditional camping. Main stream hospitality has also caught on to the trend and have extended their service offering.

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glamping 2

The other way is to get your friends together and hook up a luxury trailer and drive to a secluded location and glamp. ‘It girl’ Solange entertained us with beautiful photographs of herself and her crew glamping it up at a California national park. As great vacations have awesome hashtags #turnuptepee was nothing short of a picture worthy, with incredibly styles outfits.

glamping 1

Lets enjoy the great outdoors, without compromising on comfort. Take a short’left and glamp!




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