We love holiday season and Easter holidays prove to the perfect time to relax and spend time with loved ones as we recover from the 1st quarter of our year. I’ve had clients and friends ask me for ideas on how to fill this time up with fun activities and missions, whether you are at home or going away. These are my suggestions for an awesome holiday experience.



The classic Easter game of egg hunting is a fun activity for both children and adults alike. Plant yummy chocolate eggs or other treats in the garden for the kids, and let them work up sweat while collecting the sweet treasures in the garden.

For adults, plan a picnic with your friends at a park and do the same. Place random goodies around and have a fun day out. Depending on how detailed one is, you can actually theme it as well and dress up for the occasion.



One of my favourite things about Holidays is the food. I am in love with this super cool idea of serving food in jar. As we bid farewell  to summer, picnics or eating outside on the patio can be a lot more fun and bespoke when serving food in mason jars. Prepare your starters, mains and desserts in the jars, they are easy to transport too. Use different size Jars for different servings and enjoy. (i will be sharing jar recipes with BALL JARS in a future post, stay tuned)




Its the perfect time of year for Camping! the weather is cooler and there is less rain, making it perfect for enjoying a few nights in a tent outside with clear skies to enjoy the stars. You don’t have to go too far there are amazing camp sites about 2hr drive out of Johannesburg or Pretoria. My favorite spots are Magaliesburg, The Waterburg and Dulltroom. Whether you are a Camper or Glampor, the great outdoors are wonderful at this time of year.



I enjoy road trips with friends. The roads are pretty busy at this time of year so take it easy and road-trip. You are not in a hurry to get anywhere fast, there is just something cathartic about being on the open road. Choose a route explore each and every town and random padstal along the way. Try looping around instead of driving the same route to and from. My favorite routes are:

Route 62 in the western Cape through the Klein Karoo.

KZN Midlands Meander

MP’s Highlands Meander

Have fabulous holiday and please share pictures of whatever you choose to get up to.



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