Africa is home to beautiful & talented people. It boasts perfect weather and is rich in mineral resources, from its lush forests to its gorgeous beaches, paradise exists in our backyard. Our continent has everything you could ever desire, yet for the longest time it has been a victim of negative publicity. Our stories are those of extreme poverty, famine, war, corruption and the list goes on, but growing up or living in Africa you realize that there is more to us than what has been portrayed. Africa is not perfect, but so is the rest of the world. The potential and talent of Africa is now beginning to be appreciated by world markets. This shift is apparent in the self retrospection a lot of the African youth has been going through lately, we have re-kindled the love we have for ourselves and are embracing our uniqueness, and the rest of the world is sitting up and taking notice, some are wanting to be part of this shift and witness it first hand. Here are some of the reasons why Africa is not the future, why Africa is now.



Africa is breeding a new silicon valley or should rather say silicon savanna! When it comes to technology and connectivity we have leap frogged over a lot of stages and literally landed in the future. Technology in the context of Africa is used to solve problems, we are finding more and more solutions to our continents issues through tech. Eg; None bank account money transfers or even network-less television programming. There is also a large amount of money being invested into African Tech Start-ups. The continent’s tech future is very bright.



Our mouth have been watering over Michelin style cuisine from all around the world, but hardly ever from Africa. From Italian pasta’s to Japanese sushimi we have been enjoying taste of the and the world hasn’t embraced sub-saharan delicacies. The world is starting to take notice of our food, and not because they have discovered something new, its because young African chef’s are choosing to specialize in African cuisine. There are Instagram pages dedicated only to our food and almost always leaves my mouth watering.



The African fashion industry is growing at a rapid rate, why is this so? With the movement for Made in Africa and Buy African, we are starting to consume a lot more of our own products. There is a huge number of diaspora that are moving back home and starting fashion businesses here. Social media has also played a big roll in making African fashion accessible. There beautifully curated social media pages with great quality imaging and styling which leave wanting a piece. Millennials are re learning their culture and this is evident in their designs and when you start seeing celebrities wearing some African designer or prints synonymous to the motherland, you know that Africa has arrived.

10 Reasons Why African Fashion Is Taking The World By Storm



African art has seen global interest lately. We’ve been sculpting, painting and molding art for many centuries now. Its only recently that we started seeing African art making it to collectors around the world. Matisse and Picasso’s artistic expression was inspired by African sculpting. Its only fitting that African artist get their time in the lime-light, its have been a long time coming. We are seeing huge fashion brands collaborating with African artist for their ranges and accessories. However African art is still appreciated more outside the continent than within. I look forward to the day when African’s start collecting and spending small fortunes on works  they love from the continent.



There has been a lot of young people on the continent collaborating and celebrating each others talents. The youth have the ability to over their differences and move forward together. We this is awesome projects popping on the continent, some in the form of festivals. Chali Wote is one scuh festival that takes place in Ghana, and see’s young people from all over Africa attending. It is colorful and a true reflection of home.








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