Happy New Year everyone, and may we make beautiful memories and continue to prosper in 2016. To give you a head start here is a list of lifestyle trends affecting us in 2016. There a lot more, I just hose the ones that stood out for me.



2016 colour of the year is Rose Quartz & Serenity. Unlike with previous years, we have a combination of 2 colours. Not sure how this can be interpreted? Here’s some visual reference to help you stay on trend this year.



The previous years have seen metallic make a great come back, silver, gold, copper and bronze will be trending at the same time this year. It plays out in everything from interiors, make-up, fashion and even food. The shine trend is not only restricted to the 4 classic metals, we are loving metallic everything, blue, pink, green etc.



I remember the peace and mindfulness I used to enjoy with colouring books as a child, so guess what? colouring books made for adults take me to that same place. Its the biggest publishing trend going into 2016. Its being creative without the stress of sketching something perfect. Colorists, as they call themselves liken it to yoga or meditation. I bought my first book, and the 15hr flight from New York to Johannesburg went by with such ease, and I found I was not anxious at all. I am utterly enjoying my colouring.



Souping is the new juicing. I’m sure you know a friend that has been on a juicing diet in hopes to detox and loose weight, well, that is apparently so last season because the new diet craze is soup. Its a lot more healthier than juicing, and more filling. Just stay away from the cream based soups and you should be well on your way.



Butter is back, thanks to diets like the banting  and the cave man diets, fat has made its way back to our plates. Good fats that is, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and animal lard. I have to say food does taste better when it has a good amount of fat in it. Sugar and carbs are the enemy!

image1 (3)


You know those sayings…”two heads are better than one”. Collaborations are the new black. Skills sharing is proving to be the key to success. If you can bring like-minded people together who share the same vision as you, you’re likely to move forward faster than going at it alone. So team up and grow in 2016.

Make the best of this year, and enjoy every minute.



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