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Quality vs Quantity shopping. This is the biggest spending time of the year and being mindful of what you spend money on is key. We get easily carried away with bulk special deals and fast fashion, but when the colour fades and the chicken taste like cardboard we realize it was not even worth those pennies. Less is truly more, what do you spend your money on? quantity or quality.
De Beers past slogan “fewer better things” resonates with me this festive season.
The longer your clothes last, or our children toys keep their wheels on, the sooner we realize the age old difference between COST & PRICE. Price is what to today, Cost is what you pay over time.
Fast fashion allows us to keep up with the trends, without digging too deep in our pockets. Get into the concept of investing in one wardrobe, this way you will not be forced to keep up with fads and invest in pieces that will last you a long time. In my recent travel to Milan – Italy, this concept is evident everywhere you turn, as much as Milano is known as one of the fashion capital of the world, I have concluded its the “Quality Fashion Capital” I absolutely admire the Italian consumption culture of locally made quality goods
Whether you are buying for children or adults.Take a little bit more time looking for something special. Yes quality in the age we live in does not come cheap. I’m an advocate for teaming up as loved ones or friends and buying one gift that you know will serve and last someone for a long time to come. I know some of us would much rather see loads of gifts under the Xmas tree, but I would much rather see 1 or few gifts with a card that has the names of the team effort.
Often when planning holiday, we plan too many activities and places to see in the short period of time given for downtime, that we forget the very purpose of going on holiday, then we return in need of another holiday. Choose 1 destination, and enjoy just being around the sites and sounds of that particular location. If the holiday is going to your hometown, try taking it easy and actually spending time with your folks in their home. This is my idea of a quality holiday.
Happy Holidays to everyone, see you in the New Year.

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