Summer Xmas

When we think of summer, most us picture snowy pine trees, and Santa’s sleigh somewhere in the background, with the jingling bells around Rudolf’s neck. But the reality of a southern hemisphere Christmas is the scorching hot temperatures, braais and lots of watermelon.

I have put together some really awesome ideas for the festive season, as we prepare to take a break and spend time with our loved ones.

DRINK – Cordial

Cool off!
Cool off!

Cordial drinks are back in a big way!! and the flavors are abundant. Think bowls of punch, cocktails in pitchers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It is super to make and an easy way to cool off this festive season, I also think its an uber fancy way to serve you summer drinks. My favourite is the ginger and cinnamon mix.


Ginger Cordial, Cinnamon powder, sparkling water/soda water, Ice and cinnamon stick to garnish.

Pour Cordial and pinch of cinnamon powder in glass, add the ice, top up with sparkling water and garnish with your cinnamon stick.

Summer decor...
Summer decor…


Pine trees are part of the Christmas tradition, however pine trees are not indigenous to South Africa, so we can look at other alternatives. Paint a dried branch in white, set in a paint can and decorate with beaded bobbles.

Let leave pine cone door wreaths to the northern hemisphere, and welcome your guests with a summer inspired wreath. I love our indigenous fynboss flowers, our national flower the Protea makes beautiful wreaths.


GRILL  – everything


I know some folks will think this crazy. We are braai’ing everything this summer. Nothing beats that char-grilled hot flame taste, now we can have it on our starters right through to dessert. Put your summer fruits on the grill, Pineapple, peaches, banana and serve with vanilla ice-cream, or for starters grill baby marrows, sweet peppers and add then your crispy butter lettuce salad before the meat goes on the braai.

Happy Festive Season!!

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