STYLING SUNNIES – The perfect pair for your face

Choosing the right eye-wear that is most flattering is not an easy task, especially if you are not sure what kind of face shape you have. Knowing this will help you in choosing the best frame. Summer is in full swing and we don’t want to be court of guard. Here are tips to framing your face pretty.




Style your oval shape with frames that are rectangular, or angular. Most sun glass frames suite the oval shape. Over sized sun glasses are the most flattering.

image2 (1)


image4 (1)

Soften the angular jaw line with softer curves in your frames. Angular bottom frames and full rounded edges work really well with square shape. Avaitor, round and shield frame are the most suitable.


image5 (1)

Minimize the round angles with square-ish frames and angular frames. Think cat eye, retro and butterfly frames, to balance out the round shape.


image3 (1)

Heart shape looks its best in frames that have a straighter line on the bottom. Cat-eye and butterfly frames work really well on heart shape, and over-size frames flatter round shapes the most.


Tinted lenses…


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