Where will you pop-up?
Where will you pop-up?

The pop-up trading culture has become part of how we do business today. It’s an inexpensive way of selling ones product without the long term commitment to rental leases. Pop-up today is applied in many different industries, pop-up restaurants, pop-up markets, pop-up events etc. As a budding business setting up a pop-up store could be one of the easiest ways to introduce your product to the market. These retail events could last anything from 1 to 30 days, and what is great about this set-up is that its not subject to one location, it could literally pop-up anywhere. I have put together a guide on getting started with setting up a pop-up anything.

Location, location, location...
Location, location, location…


Choosing the right location is very important. Consider a high traffic area where you don’t have to worry about drawing the crowds in your direction. Places like high streets or weekend markets are great place to start. They pull the crowds and this is what you need to capitalize on. Remember that to get to this point you would have done some market research to see which location will be best for the target market you are to attracting.

Visual splendor...
Visual splendor…


Just because you have a temporary retail space doesn’t mean that you should not take yourself seriously. Details like having a brand identity is very important. Before embarking on your pop-up retail space, you need to have your business Look & Feel sorted out, things business cards, branded packaging, look-books/brochures etc, you basically need to treat your pop-up business like an already established enterprise.


Look and feel of your store is very important. Plan it properly and make it look amazing. Play with unconventional display methods, and make the space a visual splendor. Because your space is temporary, be as creative as you can to give your customers an unforgettable experience.


A common mistake that new businesses tend to do is try and do many different things instead of specializing. Concentrating on a specialized product or service ensures that what you delivery is of great quality. Perfect your chosen product or service you offering, and be known as a specialist of a particular discipline rather than a general goods dealer.


Unlike conventional stores that have a permanent home, pop-up stores need to have clever ways of creating awareness about where you will be trading. Because the time of the pop-up store is so limited your campaigns need to be powerful in order to drive the customer to your temporary space. Social Media is great platform of getting the word around, punting the pop-up well in advance is very important, offer free drinks, connect it to a national holiday, post build-up pictures, engage the potential clients way before they set foot in your pop-space. Compile a mailing list so you can send out newsletters, do everything possible to get as many customers as possible to make your pop-up store a destination. You have to be creative, because great pop-ups get people talking and leave a lasting impression on your customers, and have them yearn for the next one.

Get creative...
Get creative…


Many businesses have used this method as a starting point for their business and established business have use the pop-up method to create brand awareness and an opportunity to engage their customers and grow their networks. Whichever category you fall under its an awesome way to conduct business

DIARO Living offers a POP-UP STORE set up assistance, contact me at hello@matselamoshokoa.com for more information.

READ MORE: http://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network/2013/sep/17/best-advice-pop-up-shops

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