Take me away...
Take me away…

My dad says travelling is like learning a new language, and what you learn from your travels lives with you forever. This is the motto I live by, the world we live in is vast, full of textures and colours that I want feel, touch and experience. Traveling for me has become a way of life. Discovering new surroundings is like opening a Xmas gift every time to embark on a new journey, whether it’s an overseas trip you’ve been planning for a year, or a spontaneous short-left in our own backyard, it’s all very exciting.

Your traveling style
Your traveling style


We all have different traveling styles, some of us plan everything down to the last detail, and make sure we go on all the open-top-bus tours as possible, some of us like to just take care of  the logistics and stumble upon things spontaneously. Establishing what kind of traveler you are makes planning of your trip easier, because you custom make it according to your interests. I have a friend who only travels 5 star, from 1st class flights to luxury hotels and dining. Another friend is frugal and prefers backpacking and off the beaten track experiences.

  • 5 star traveler
  • Frugal Backpacker
  • Touristy Traveler
  • Serial Planner Traveler
  • Adventure traveler
  • Cultural Exchange Traveler
  • Food traveler

Which of these are you?

savor each moment...
savor each moment…


Part of enjoying a trip and having time to take in your surroundings, so don’t rush the experience. I love combing through the nuances of a place, and asking the locals about what is good in town beyond the touristy guides that we mostly plan our trips around. Having done those quick contiki 10 day Euro trips, were half the time you are trying to keep up with a tour guide and the group, there’s very little time to savor each moment, where your eiffel tower experience is shortened because of having to catch the bus to the next landmark. Less is more in this regard, not cramming 5 cities in 10 days.

Travel buddy
Travel buddy


Nothing makes the experience of traveling like the perfect travel mate. These individuals are hard to find, but when you do, you can conqueror the world, at least that how I feel about my travel buddy Devon (husband). Sharing your travels with like minded people enriches the experience, the chemistry needs to be there, also know each others strengths and weaknesses helps, and boy the memories you will share. For those of us who haven’t found travel buddies yet, social media has seen a huge increase in social travelling blogs, sites and Instagram  pages that promote travel fellowship, travelnoire is one of my favorite…Oh and you can maybe start your own. http://travelnoire.com/


If you feeling inspired, start that bucket list, its never too late. My life’s plan is 1 big overseas trip a year, and 2 trips a year in the SADC region. I’m pretty close to perfecting this plan but what counts is that i have started. Be realistic about the places you like to experience, align them with your interests, example I have no interest in visiting Siberia because I don’t think I can deal with such cold temperatures. Personalize your own adventures.

image2 (1)

image1 (1)

Happy travels to you my friends,  and please share.


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