Lets talk wine...
Lets talk wine…

South Africa is ranked 7th as a wine producing country in the world, it accounts for 4.2% of the worlds wines. We are also the number 1 producer of FairTrade wines in the world. So wine is part of our make up as South Africans and learning more about cannot hurt. I take  a trip every year to wine country in the Western Cape to familiarize myself with the wines that I get to enjoy on a regular basis. Its really great to visit the source if one can, if not there are countless Wine Festivals that take place in Gauteng and some restaurants have resident sommeliers that can take you through the different tastes and varieties of wine. It is an acquired taste, so it has to be tried out on a few occasions to finally get into it.

The Soweto Wine festival is a good place to start, taking place this weekend…


Just like with any activity you choose to participate in, having the right equipment is key. It is important to understand the different wine glasses and their use. Its all in the name of bringing out the best in the wine, so as to add to the drinking experience. Stemware also adds a certain elegance to any table-setting, and there are beautiful varieties available.

The right stemware!
The right stemware!


We’ve all heard the wine snobs and their food pairing. Wine is made for enjoying with food, and having the insight of what delectable go better with which wine adds to the experience.


We will be engaging more on this topic with an expert sommelier Patson. The chat will be available as a podcast on the blog, if you do not catch our Lifestyle Feature this afternoon on Power Fm 98.7 @ 13h30.

Happy Wine – ing!

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