Hello Spring!
Hello Spring!


purge !
purge !


Your wardrobe and home. The change from winter to spring is pretty symbolic to me. I find that winter is heavy, dark and bland where as spring is fresh, new and speaks to new life. I enjoy getting ready for spring, and one the few things I do is embark on a detoxing mission. Its purging season. Take out the old and make space for the new. If you haven’t worn an item of clothing in the past 12 months, chances are you will never wear it again, so get rid of it!


I used to hate this time of year when I was growing up, this was the time my mother would destabilize the home, with shifting and moving things around. I remember that feeling of disruption but I also enjoyed the results of summer curtains, and the freshness of a new furniture configuration. Detox your space too, and move things around, clear out your kitchen cupboards, shine your windows. Get your home spring ready.

grow your own food
grow your own food


I’m one of those people that only think of the gardening when spring is upon us. I love the trip to the nursery, the scents and the excitement of growing your salad garden for the summer. Start or revive your garden or your balcony with spring/summer blooms and ingredients for your summer recipes.



In winter we are allowed to keep our body hair because it it keeps us warm of course, at least that’s my excuse. Now is the time man/woman scape. Shed some weight and look slick and groomed. Take care of those split ends, and the breads some love with a spring trim.

Foot game
Foot game


Our feet were cooped up in the dark the whole winter, make their spring debut a memorable one. I believe both men and woman, before exposing your little piggies to the sun give them a good pampering, so that they look their best in those sandals. For the ladies play around with this seasons summer hues and make sure your toes-sies are on trend.



I find it hard to exercise in the winter, so I only do the bare minimum just so I don’t completely stop my routine. Now is the time to revamp your fitness routine. Add exciting new activities that help keep you fit. I prefer being outdoors, cycling or jogging and bare witness  to spring blossoms, see the trees as they start filling up with new leaves. Join a yoga in the park group. Get out, get fit and inhale the spring air.


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