Beauty trends 2015

I love combing through the seasons beauty trends, they help me stay relevant and edgy. Remember trends are subjective and you must choose what works for you, otherwise you will really look like a fashion victim walking down the street. This year we are having a lot more fun in our beauty expression, gone are the days of heavy make-up application that borders on being recognizable. The beauty world has relaxed its rules quiet a bit, because woman are no longer feeling they have to fit an unrealistic and sometimes unattainable mold. Natural is embraced and we can’t forget that a girl just wants to have fun, and make-up is one way of doing it!!

"YOU ARE YOU" - Shantell Martin
“YOU ARE YOU” – Shantell Martin


In essence come as you are, having minimal or no make up is trending! We saw this on the Spring/Summer runways, where models walked the ramp with the bare minimum. If its on the runway it will definitely catch on with the masses. For those that really cannot imagine leaving the house with no make-up, no worries, just tone it down slightly, and use bronzers to give you that natural sun-kissed glow, instead of the matted finish, seal the look off with a nude lip and you are good to go.



This is more than a side stroke, its seriously channeling that feline energy in you. Its intense and we love it! If you are blessed with a steady hand you can totally enjoy this make-up fun-zone, if not we can always enlist a professional to help us out. There are special thick eye-liner pens that make the cat eye for much easier application. I love this application because its all the eye work you would need for the day. Its dramatic enough that you would not need anymore frills. Keep it simple but intense!

Merlot, shiraz , pinotage... #VinoVibes
Merlot, shiraz , pinotage… #VinoVibes


Red lips will never go out of style that’s one thing for sure. We love that they are darker and in all shades of vino. A very sophisticated look that I have embraced because I’m not gutsy enough for Fire-Engen red lipstick. Wear it Matt or Glossy and pair it with your favourite glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.



Metallic eye shadow is quite the craze, as gold is the trending metal at the moment. It is reflecting in our make-up too. Gold looks particularly gorgeous on dark skin, so black girl this is literally your chance to shine. Keep everything else simple and neutral and let your eye glow & glitter.

Life's a Rave...
Life’s a Rave…


Neon is still on the trend radar, even though its slightly toned down this season. We are seeing neon eye liner on the bottom eye lid, imagine that all natural look with a stroke of neon. Its fun and playful perfect for those days when your mood is dark but you want to show the world the bright side. Less is really more with neon eye-liner, so lets practice in moderation.

Body art
Body art

I’m in love with these temporary tattoos, especially the metallic ones. Show them off on your summer skin. I love that you can have as many as you want without it looking too offensive. Still a bit hard to come by in South Africa, but a trend that I will be embracing in the up coming warmer months. Bedazzle your skin with awesome golden art.

Always awesome putting these together, more reference;

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