Posh Burgers!
Posh Burgers!

This is for the foodies, or aspiring taste explorers. Going on a taste journey is one of my favorite past times, so I make sure that my finger is always on the pulse of the latest food trends to sample. Just like everything I write about, food also has different seasons. Today I will highlight some of 2015 food trends, as compiled by food experts from around the world. I do try and choose trends that I think are relevant & closer to home.


The 100% ground beef burger has heavy competition this season, foodies call this the ‘posh burger’. These burgers are an entire meal in between two buns and a treat for the curious pallet.  Think pink duck breast, crisp pork belly or juicy lobster paired with sweet potato fries or oven baked butternut fingers.

Breakfast for dinner is allowed...
Breakfast for dinner is allowed…


Breakfast for dinner is trending, a lot of restaurant have court on the trend of continuing to serve breakfast through out the day. I have embraced this all-day, all-night breakfast with open arms. There are a ton of breakfast recipes out there, why not try several for dinner. My favourite breakfast-dinner is french toast with fluffy scrambled eggs, sprinkled with bits of bacon and drizzled with maple syrup.

Flavour in a bottle...
Flavour in a bottle…


Lard has made it’s way back to our kitchen pantry. Pig lard gives a great crispness to fried foods, unlike regular cooking oil. It is also full of flavour, and makes awesome flaky pastries.  So start saving your pork drippings for your next fry-up or bake-up.

dark is just better...
dark is just better…


Bitter is the new bold according to food trend analysts. We are looking for dark bitter roasts in coffee, darker chocolate and anything with a deep or rich hue. Harpier beer and bitter cocktails are enticing the modern simplified taste-buds. As we move towards a healthier existence, sugar rich foods are a thing of the past, great taste is the original taste of food and not the sweetened kind.

add body to your meals...
add body to your meals…


Homemade bone broth or stock is also back in big way. Stock is a basis for most dishes, it adds beautiful flavours and body to cooked food. The purists will make it themselves ofcourse otherwise you could try a simple vegetable stock, then advance to chicken, fish and and and…

eat your greens!
eat your greens!


We’ve see the green juice trend, now its spilling into all areas of eating. I have seen the most bizarre looking awesome treats that I never thought were possible, green ice-lollies made from celery and ginger, spinach muffins or cookies. Go green and you’ll never go wrong!

smoke signal...
smoke signal…


I used to think smoking food/meat was something done in a professional fool laboratory, then I learnt that you can smoke pretty much anything in your kitchen. What I particularly love about smoking, is that there is an array of flavours you can infuse into your food, from tea leaves to wood shavings. Smoking is smokin at the moment.

Happy eating and don’t forget to share…


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