We know the age old Yves Saint Laurent quote, “fashion fades style is eternal”…. Is there a difference between fashion and style?…of course there is!! The lines between the 2 are distinct but can sometime be blurred and confused. The way we present ourselves to the world has a direct link to what is happening in our heads. Ones level of confidence can determine whether you are a Fashion slave or Style queen/king. This does not mean if you are stylish you are not consuming whats trending, it simply means your interpretation is your own, and not necessarily dictated by runway shows and/or celebrities.

Joburg stylish individuals @bobthestylist @teeteenteta
Joburg’s stylish individuals @bobthestylist @teeteenteta
Me too VS only me...
Me too VS only me…


Fashion is a relationship with the external. The need to stay relevant and to show off what you know, what you can afford, and the impression others will have of you when donning your fashionable get up.  Fashion tends to isolate and distance the wearer from who they really are.  I find the turn-around time of fashion dyzzing and quiet rapid that its incredibly taxing trying to keep up, so slaves to fashion will make sure they have the means to pull this off regularly. Fashion is an extension of ones style sense, it just sometimes needs to be personalized.

Words of wisdom
Words of wisdom


Style is the relationship with the internal.  The ability to bring out the finest “you” with the clothes you wear. Style is subtle, it whispers and it showcases ones ability to work with what they have, and not being on a constant trend watch .  Stylish folks understand themselves and are usually cocksure of their standing in society, trying to fit in and staying relevant, is somewhat foreign to them.  This does not mean they don’t consume or where fashion, its that their interpretation is individualistic and does not conform to what is on trend. I also do believe that being stylish comes naturally to some, and not so much to others. Like a natural ability to coordinate colours & form is not that easy. South Africa is also a very unique place to be in at this moment, we have not yet been bombarded with the huge fashion brands, and because of our tight budget, we are seeing a lot of young individuals in the streets expressing themselves in ways you wouldn’t readily see in the bigger fashion hubs around the world. I really enjoy our street style scene, with a distinct African twist. A stylish person can make a cheap Chinese import from the downtown Niger boutiques look absolutely fabulous.

seeing and being different @iseeadifferentyou #OuigiTheodore @wandalephoto
seeing and being different @iseeadifferentyou #OuigiTheodore @wandalephoto

Fashion tends to distract and style connects. We live in a world of retailed mass fashion and paid stylists to get the desired looks we love, so that we are immaculately packaged when presented to our camaraderie. Recognizing where you fall within fashion or style spectrum will help you in trying to own the spaces you exist in. I think of myself as stylish with a fashion sense. What have you recognized yourself as?…

favorite style expressionist...#SolangeKnowles
favorite style expressionist…#SolangeKnowles


Here are some characteristics of Fashionistas;

1. Easily recognizable brands on display, belt buckles, unmissable hand bags & accessories etc.

2. Its not about what the items/piece looks like or how well it will fit you, its about the brand it bears, and the individual you trying to look like.

3. Can’t stay away from the stores, because you MUST have those shoes that Kim K wore the other day, even if they might be extremely uncomfortable. HAVE to keep up with whats trending.

4. Your Instagram feed has a million pictures of fashionista’s from around the world…lol!

another awesome style expressionist...
another awesome style expressionist… @alkarus


1. You are a fan of fashion but it does not dictate your next purchase.

2. You have the ability to coordinate your outfits with a mix brands or none brands, colour and form.

3. You shop anywhere, department stores, specialty stores, second hand stores, friends closets etc…no restrictions.

4.  You know your body and dress to enhance the best parts.

5. Comfort is key, and practicality.

Love these individuals turned designers...(pure coincidence that they are twins)... @cocoandbreezy (eye-wear designers) & Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (THE ROW)
Love these individuals turned designers…(pure coincidence that they are twins)… @cocoandbreezy (eye-wear designers) & Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (THE ROW)

I believe there is no wrong or right, however I presuppose that our journeys are different. Fashionistas will one day graduate to style, its all about what is important to you at a given time in your life, and if that day is not imminent or a possibility, you can always hire a stylist to help you achieve marry the 2.

I do offer personal styling & shopping assistance, to teach how to style your wardrobe and shopping wisely. Email me at

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