Our besties!!
Our besties!!

Thinking of getting a pet? do it!!…It is one of the most rewarding things in life. Pets commonly provide their guardians with physical and emotional benefits. They are loyal companions and give love unconditionally. Pets are a big part of our lifestyle, caring for an animal adds to your family and your own lifestyle endeavors. I will be concentrating on the common house pets, cats and dogs. I’m not a fan of exotic or reptile pets, because they taken away from their natural habitat, and that ain’t cool.

Getting started

what you will need...
what you will need…

Just like getting ready for a new family member who will be taking up permanent residents in your space, there is a lot of preparation to be done. Firstly everyone in the home should have had  discussed the idea of getting a pet and all agree that this will be everyone’s responsibility. Purchase food, bowls, beds, collars, leash, treats,toys, litter box etc. I recommend going to a pet store rather than a supermarket because you will get informed assistance & advice in line with your respective animal.

Beds, care products, scratching post, toys
Beds, care products, scratching post, toys

Choosing your pet


Choosing what animal to get is not easy, it should be according to your personality & lifestyle. Are you a Cat or Dog person?, are you single or have a family?, how big is your home etc? Your answers will determine the direction. I have seen people with Great Danes and live in tiny apartments for example. One thing I really recommend is adopting from an animal shelter, you will be helping the plight of abandoned animals. If you are a thorough bred kinda of person, then make sure you use a reputable breeder, there are a lot of unethical breeders out there. PLEASE CHOOSE CAREFULLY. The choices are endless when it comes to breeds, study their characteristics and see if they will fit into your lifestyle. It is a big decision so take your time.

Lexi & Oreo...#kittylove
Lexi & Oreo…#kittylove


Must love dogs!
Must love dogs!

People tend to go for puppies when getting a dog and that’s okay, but sometimes it is also great to consider adopting a dog in need whether its a puppy or an adult. Dogs need lots of walking, and play. Dog training is key, it does not have to be fancy doggy school, training can be done with a few lessons, either at home or away from the home. Teach just basic behavioral manners and you should be fine. Puppies are energetic and chew on everything, please don’t be impatient and punish the dog harshly, they are incapable of understanding what they are being punished for, to them it’s just rejection. The puppy stage last for 12 months and the baby behavior slowly subsides. So be prepared to be running around.


Purrrrry kitty!
Purrrrry kitty!

I looooove kitties, I enjoy their independent nature, they just get on with things, and they absolutely love comfort and cuddles. I think they are misunderstood and are always compared to dogs, which is completely unfair. A cat is great for a busy lifestyle where one doesn’t have the time or schedule to walk the dog. All they need is lots of love and pampering when you are around, make sure they are fed in a timely manner  and you will have a happy kitty. Cats are also nocturnal animals, so very active at night and asleep most of the day, they average about 14hrs of sleep per day…now that’s the life. Again consider adopting a kitten from a shelter, over pure breeds. There are lot of animals in need of good homes. Kittens are the cutest things ever, and love to play and chase things, engage with them and you will never have board moment…EVER!


Puppies and Kittens need to have their regular vaccination and de-worming. This helps their overall health and prevents funny deceases that may affect your pet. It has to be done as early as possible. Veterinary care can be very expensive,  this is another financial line item you have to consider when getting a pet. Regular check-ups are key. We also have the SPCA medical care, which costs a fraction of the private facilities, so its really manageable. Fixing (sterilizing) your pets is also important because there a lot of animals in need of homes, this way we do not add to this desperation. Feed your animals good food, get advice from a Vet on what is appropriate, there a lot of things that these animals should not consume, and giving your pet your left overs is not okay.


wax on. wax off...
wax on. wax off…

Regular grooming is essential, brushing the coat regularly helps manage shedding, regular washing should also be part of the care schedule. You can take them to the pet parlor or the parlor can come to your home. Some people enjoy dressing up their pets in cute outfits, just make sure its something comfortable and does not irritate or impair the animals natural movements.


Make sure that your dog/cat has a collar with a name a phone number, so that they can be traced back home should they wonder off and get lost. There is also an embedded identity micro-chip, which is inserted just under you pets skin. The micro-chip helps if you dog/cat has no collar, or loses it along the way.Make sure your home is securely fenced so that your pets are within your safe perimeters.


The pleasure of owning a pet can only be described as amazing, the value add and companionship is truly gratifying! Don’t think twice about getting a pet, its all worth it!!

caring for our animals...
caring for our animals…

For information on adoptions, check out the links below.

Enjoy your pets!

Matsela Moshokoa

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