The kitchen is thee most important room in the house. It should ideally be a place of gathering, nurturing and family, it really has moved from just a utilitarian sterile environment, that’s purely for preparing food. From a decorators point of view the Kitchen is a room with a life of its own, and should be dealt with separately and uniquely from the rest of the home. People buy houses because of the Kitchen, bathrooms and floors. So if you are planning on doing the kitchen, let me help you do it best.


Kitchen trends linger for much longer than usual home trends, so when coming up with a theme for your space, it is important to go for something that timeless and hard wearing. Kitchen themes are not very rigid, there is variety and the interpretation can be according to your space needs and lifestyle. Modern themes go a longer way as they appeal to most people, I am an advocate for mixing and matching old with new.


wood look, gloss, matt, paint technique...
wood look, gloss, matt, paint technique…

There are tons of board finishes to choose from. I suggest mixing and matching mediums, eg. Wood grain with high gloss colour, or paint technique with solid wood finish. High gloss and matt finish combination is quiet the craze at the moment.


Kitchen splash backs only...
Kitchen splash backs only…

Gone are the days of fully tiled kitchen walls. Tiles have become a great accent when used correctly. I would suggest tiling only the utility areas (splash-backs) and painting the rest of the room. This will be the difference between warm and sterile.


colour me beautiful...
colour me beautiful…

All white kitchens are a thing of the past, and neutrals are also loosing ground lately. Colour is so in. Think rich tones that you would see at a souk in Morocco, mustard, scarlet, royal blues, dusky pinks etc. You can apply colour to walls, splash backs, cupboard doors, depending on how daring you are. My personal favourite colour trend is the all black kitchen.

All black eerrrthing!!
All black eerrrthing!!


Minimalism, airy work tops are trending. We are doing away with the top cupboards. It opens up the kitchen more and gives a feeling of space. No more bulk!!!


Textures are quiet the craze at the moment, they add warmth to the kitchen & interest to walls. Try texture in stone cladding, raw wood finishes, beveled tilling etc.


Metallic’s gold/copper/bronze work beautifully with matted tones in kitchen colour schemes. They add that touch of glam. This can be rendered on kitchen hardware, lighting, and accessories.

shine, sparkle , bling
shine, sparkle , bling

Open shelving is a lesson in practicality an design, it articulates a lived in feel without the clutter. Great way to display your grandma’s crystal or that vintage china you recently acquired.

Display unit
Display unit


Swapping the kitchen Island for a dining table. If you have enough space this could be a refreshing way to add character to the kitchen, moving away from the cut-n-paste look we find in most kitchen lay-outs.

breakfast table / buffet table...
breakfast table / buffet table…

I hope these tips give an idea on your kitchen project, if you need interior decorating consulting help, do drop us a mail, and we will help you come up with a great look for your space.

Matsela Moshokoa

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