Come on! you can do it....
Come on! you can do it….

I have been shopping online for a while now, however I have noticed that there are people who are still apprehensive when it comes to this  way of shopping. If you haven’t tried it before and would like a few good reason to, here they are…


  1. Online shopping is a great time saver, in the this fast paced life we are faced with, any amount of time you can recover to accomplish other special tasks & commitments is worth looking at. I started off with grocery shopping at major retailers online stores. I really appreciated the time I saved filling my virtual cart with my regular weekly and monthly supplies, without having to leave the house. In essence, my regular comprehensive grocery shopping would usually take me on average an hour, but with shopping online, I spend 15min online and goods delivered to my door.
  2. Fewer traps! Sometimes physically visiting a store puts you in direct contact with the potential marketing traps set for customers, this shifts your focus and you might spend money on things you did not otherwise budget for. Things like walking through the entire mall for one particular store and trying not be distracted is not easy.
why get out of bed...
why get out of bed…


One of the biggest fear that people worry about is how safe is online shopping;

  1. Shop with reputable retailers and companies. Usually big chain retailers have an online division as an add on service for customers, start with these stores and slowly move your way into other realms of online shopping.
  2. Make sure your delivery address is correct and that retailers offer tracking numbers for your merchandise, so that both you and seller know the whereabouts of your expected delivery.
  3. Your delivery address should be secure, and always make sure there is someone to receive and sign for your package. If you don’t have anybody at home to receive on your behalf, you can use your work address and stipulate ideal hours of your delivery.
  4. Make sure that the store or seller uses safe payment methods, that are universally applied such as paypal.
  5. Finally ask friends and family to recommend which stores they have tried and had great experiences.



Getting online shopping savvy requires a few keys point;

  1. Make sure you know your correct sizes. Apparel shopping requires you to be absolutely sure of your sizes, in all the universal conversions if you are shopping from overseas merchants as well.
  2. Online shopping is great for comparing prizes without having to hop from shop to shop. With having access to a variaty of retailers on your desk top, searching for the right prices at different merchants has never been so simple and convenient.
  3. Take advantage of online flash deals. When retailers run in-store promotions they spend a lot of money on collateral and advertising, and you find that in store promotions are only periodic and seasonal. The online platforms however allows for a lot more flexibility as companies cost output is less, so online savings and deals come a lot more frequently and can be much much lower than those in actual physical stores.


Here are a few suggested online stores that are reputable, easy and ready to serve;

My personal favorite specialty stores (South Africa)

Favourite store (Abroad)

Big department stores like your Macys, Nordstrom, bloomingdales do ship to South Africa.

The is your oyster!! online shopping exposes you to so many options of product. Try it and you’ll see how quickly you become addicted to saving time and money.

Happy cyber shopping!!

Matsela Moshokoa


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