We love that the ‘flair’ in men’s fashion is in back and in full swing. With the Kanye-esq layering and Don Johnson’s reminiscent monochrome ensembles, this winter our boys will be having a lot fun dressing up. I have chosen my favourite winter trends from GQ Magazines winter trend report;


tone on tone on tone!
tone on tone on tone!

I find this look so badass! its effortless and speaks to one who is on a mission to make a bold statement. Go for any colour you please, ‘all black everything’ and beyond. My favourite colours at the moment on men are combat green and that maroon. MonoC can be applied to all times of the day, office, evening and weekend.


minimalism at its best!
minimalism at its best!

Minimalism is trending, white sneakers have become the new normal, NB: I said white kicks NOT leather shoes!…White shows off the silhouettes of sneaker design instead of colour. If you consider yourself as a discerning individual grab a pair, rock it with your monochromatic outfit, and you will have the look of the season on lock.


layer up!...
layer up!…

This look is meant to look complicated, but it actually isn’t. If you can’t stand tucking in, this is the look for you. It’s again fun and effortless, the key is to have your under garments longer than the top layer, choose shades that compliment each other i.e. grey, white and black or the classic black & white, throw in some geometric prints, and you’ll be trending like Kanye.


tone it down...
tone it down…

Chuck the vest and pull-over and opt instead for a crew neck jumper/sweater/jersey, without the neck-wear. This is the perfect look for casual Friday, or for those laid back dressy events. This takes the edge and seriousness out of a full on suit ensemble.  Relax a little…


Leather gloves
Leather gloves

Gents, this winter lets really flex that credit card muscle and invest in a good pair of leather gloves. They will not only keep you warm, but will add a sophisticated finish to your look, practical and fashionable.


Heavy metal wrist-wear, that doesn’t tell the time is an essential part of dressing up this winter. I love the beads and metal mix, with a beautiful time piece on a men’s wrist. If you think of the our African cultural dress men have always wore accessories in the form of beads and leather, lets just continue what comes naturally to us.

horizontal striped slim tie in winter fabrics.
horizontal striped slim tie in winter fabrics.
shrug a backpack
shrug a backpack

Easier to carry than men’s sling bags. Designers have court on to the leisure trends of backpack carrying. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I’m particularly in love with the wax canvas leather mix.


Big , loose & bold.
Big , loose & bold.

Men’s coats have always been very structured, fitted and a shorter length than woman coat variety. Over sized coats are trending for men too this winter. Longer lengths, a looser fit and the colours range from muted neutrals to bold greens, royal blues and camel. Try to find a perfect size, because there is a thin line between trending and hiding in your coat because its too big, think superhero cloak vibes.

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Keep warm


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