PHOTOGRAPHY – Getting started


So you have realized you enjoy being behind the camera and taking pictures of people, objects or anything, you’ve also thought of taking up photography as a hobby. It is truly one of my most rewarding pass times, once i’m in the zone a whole new world opens up, and I start seeing things differently as I try to capture my surroundings in stills.

Getting started is really not that daunting, it’s pretty simple actually. Just like any hobby committing time & energy is key.


I would invest in a good DSLR. You can pretty much take pictures with anything these days, but the quality will obviously vary from camera to camera, or smart phone. If you are planning to completely immerse yourself i photography, it is well worth it to invest in a good machine. A simple point&shoot does not have have the flexibility and control as a DSLR. I use a NIKON D3100.



You have to get to know your machine, so I strongly recommend a photography beginners course. You will learn your camera and what its capabilities are, as well learn how to compose great frames, using light manipulation, filters, lens etc. It is worth every penny. I did my course with Vega Photography School.


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Now that you know your equipment, and know how to compose a brilliant frame, it’s time to take your skills and your beast to the streets. I found that working in pairs or groups helps improve your hand on your photo taking. There are many photography social meetups around major cities including here in JHB. Get together with people that share the same interest and practice, just like with anything, the more you do,the better you get at it. It also helps the process if you focus on a specific topic when venturing out, this helps you streamline you thoughts and see more of the subject at hand. I find it difficult to take out my camera if I’m not on a particular mission. Try these;

@igersjozi (follow them IG for meetup dates)



So you have practiced and socialized with different aspiring photographers and utterly enjoying your snapping moments. This the can be time to zone in on what kind of photography category tickles your fancy the most. Is it wildlife, landscape, people, abstract, editorial etc… I love photographing people in candid moments, I also enjoy nature, plants, food in nature & trees. Find your specialty and concentrate on that. If you confident of your skill and what you have produced, this could also be the time when hobby turns into a potential business. If you enjoy taking pictures if people for example,  you could maybe try out some event photography or weddings etc…it’s all possible.



Art is subjective, but the brilliance of it resonates across all spheres. Photography is in many ways a huge extension of artistic expression. If you want to explore photography even further than hobby or business, you can use it to tell stories, evoke emotions within the viewer, and have a creative outlet that has no bounds. With modern times of photo editing, taking really great pictures has become rare. I have nothing against photo editing products, they serve a huge role in the current world we live, but on the other hand the purist in me strives to compose a fantastic picture first, and only if necessary apply minimal editing, especially when exploring the raw brilliance of a special moment frozen in time.

Happy snapping!

If you want more info on this subject, do email me on

Matsela Moshokoa

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