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Gone are the days of predictable colour schemes for boys and girls, when it comes to decorating your children’s spaces. Gender neutral is the way to go. This doesn’t mean your little girl cant have her fairies & butterflies or your little boy should go without his racing cars. This simply means the lines have been blurred and that the cross over themes for kids bedroom are quiet the craze. I was one of those little girls who loathed the colour pink.

Kid’s rooms should also be age specific:

0 – 5 : Mom & Dad pretty much have all the say. So its a reflection of the parents more than the child.  5 – 10 : The kids personality is intact & they need to be consulted on what they would like in their spaces. Its the fun fantasy stage, and their creative ideas are limitless.  10 – 15 : Pre-teens & early teens will be time for a re-decor, as they would have some what outgrown the fantasy age, and are entering the practical street cred’ cool ideas stage.


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Exposing your child to a spectrum of colours assists in creating an ideas that colours/activities etc, are not always gender specific. Girls will be happy to play with cars, and boys enjoy cooking up a storm on a toy stove, for example. There are many hue’s to choose from, why be restricted by the gender of your off spring.



Try to stay away from hectic themes, you want the space to be a sanctuary for your kids and not an advertising billboard. Children rooms need to be an awesome spaces that reflect their budding personality. If you really must add some cartoon character or animated hero,  I’d would suggest small accessories such as a scatter cushion.



I try to incorporate a multipurpose room when decorating for children. Having different areas for different activities helps stimulate their mind, and makes their rooms more than just a place where they sleep, but it becomes a place for creative expression and learning while at play. A reading nook is great for kids of all ages, from when you start reading to them, to when they have their own little  library area that they can retreat to. Look at their hobbies and what they enjoy doing on a daily basis and incorporate that into their space.



Decorating your little ones room can be a great family project at all stages of their growth. Kids rooms are one of my favorite spaces to work on. If you need more information or would like to consult with me on how to get started. Email us on and see some of my work on


Matsela Moshokoa

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